5 tips to clean your house after a lice outbreak

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5 tips to clean your house after a lice outbreak

Is there a lice outbreak at your house? Do you or your family members have lice infestation? Don’t worry you are not the only one, it is a common problem nowadays.The head louse is an insect and parasite whose only host are humans. Proper home cleaning during a lice infestation is very important. Head lice can fall off the head, hair and survive for a period of time without the human host. While cleaning your house focus on the people and heads affected, head lice can hide and survive in clothing, a hood of a coat, a scarf, in bedding, mattresses, carpets, pillows and many more.

There are diverse methods to eliminate lice, below are some home cleaning tips to be performed after a lice outbreak.

1. Bedding: 

Remove the pillows, blankets, quilt, mattresses, etc and place them in a plastic bag to keep them in the dryer with high temperature, so that all the lice are killed due to high heat. Repeat the same method daily for 5 days.

2. Hair Accessories:

 Soak all hair accessories such as combs, brushes and hair clips in hot water with Licenil-Anti Lice shampoo, and leave it for at least 15 minutes to kill any lice or eggs. Wipe down gently with soap and water after soaking it or you can even leave it untouched for 2-3 days.

3. Clothing:

All clothing worn in last 2-3 days should be put in the dryer for 30-40 minutes on high heat and use it only after a few days. Consider dry cleaning clothes which can’t be dried or washed at home.

4. Floor and Carpets:

 Vacuum the floor and carpets in the bedroom. Mop all the floors with hot water or floor cleaner to kill the lice.

5. Car seats:

 Wipe down your seats with a damp or a warm cloth. Pay special attention to the headrests. Vacuum the car seats thoroughly and inspect it.

Cleaning up after a head lice outbreak can seem like a big job, but it is important! All the above tips will help you to get rid of lice with minimal efforts and will give you fast results. For further precautions, you can use Lice-Nil products which help in killing lice and nits.

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