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Lice are sesame-seed-sized wingless insects that feed on human blood. They don’t transmit disease, but their bites can cause intense itching, which may give rise to sores and possible secondary infections.

Some studies suggest that two-thirds to three-fourth of lice are now super lice. Recent studies revealed that 95 percent of the lice collected from 48 states were super lice. Super lice are just like regular lice except they have genetical mutations which make them resistant to plant derived chemical pyrethroid - an active ingredient in most over-the-counter lice treatments.

Hence, over-the-counter techniques are unlikely to offer much relief since most of the lice are now resistant to those chemicals. Instead these treatments further make you prone to various side-effects, adding to your sufferings. Furthermore, head lice chemicals are not appropriate for certain individuals, including pregnant women or nursing mothers, people suffering from asthma, or epilepsy.

With traditional chemical treatments losing the battle against these bugs, it is essential to adopt a natural way to get rid of lice. That’s exactly our motivation behind producing an all-natural way to fight against those itchy creatures.

Lice-Nil contains three powerful, natural ingredients: Neem oil, Coconut oil and Tea-tree oil. It works differently than the traditional lice treatments, hence it can kill any type of lice, irrespective of their resistance. It works by encapsulating and suffocating the lice and even penetrates the small openings at the top of the lice eggs.

Lice-Nil is a unique oil-base preparation that takes just one 20 minutes, easy to use application, applied to dry hair to completely do away with lice and nits. It spreads evenly in the hair and provides you relief from the need of rough combing and nitpickers tugging at the hair. Effective against even the most resistant strains of super lice, our patented formula kills lice and eggs in one treatment, without toxic build-up from repeated exposures or potentially harmful chemicals. Lice-Nil has been clinically proven effective and safe, undergoing numerous tests for nearly 4 decades.

Go chemical-free, lice-free and worry free using Lice-Nil.
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Five reasons you should choose Lice-Nil
America is currently facing an outbreak of something called as ‘super lice’. A strain of super lice has hit half the country causing concern because apparently these bugs have evolved resistant to most over-the-counter techniques. The chemical used in most OTC techniques, pyrethroids, had a success rate of 100 percent in 2010 which has reached an alarming low of 25 percent since 2014.

Such dire consequences stimulated us to invent an all-natural solution to treat head lice and guarantee its permanent departure: Lice-Nil.

We are aware of the human cynic while accepting any newfound and unfamiliar advances specially when it comes to health. However, we promise you would willing accept Lice-Nil after comprehending its numerous benefits.

1. Most over-the-counter lice therapies contains chemicals which are proved to cause acute health problems in patients. Its time you switched to a natural remedy for head lice. Lice-Nil relies on powerful natural ingredients like neem oil, coconut oil and tea-tree oil which do not have any side effects and are clinically proven to eliminate lice.

2. Lice-Nil works differently than customary chemical treatments, it can kill both regular and super lice. It encapsulates and suffocates the lice and also penetrates the aeropyles at the top of lice eggs. Unlike usual chemical lice remedies, Lice-Nil targets both lice and its eggs to prevent them from reappearing

3. It is a simple oil-based treatment which refrains from painful combing and provides hassle-free and lasting solutions.

4. Lice-Nil works in three simple steps. Begin with applying oil in your hair, let it spread over your scalp for about 20 minutes and finally wash it off with mild water. Too simple to be true? Well try it once to believe it.

5. Lice-Nil provides a safe, lasting and effective solution for head lice at home wiping out the need to visit a doctor. In fact, it is clinically proven to kill lice and prevent them from reoccurring and is highly recommended by doctors and physicians.

There’s a long list of additional advantages such as asthma-friendly, prevents eggs from hatching, safe for pregnant and nursing mothers, non-inflammable and many more.
Further, we don’t think we need to say more.
Stay chemical-free and lice-free using Lice-Nil.


It's a commonly known fact that lice are the linchpins and are the second leading cause of absenteeism with only the common cold being a greater cause. Each year around 12 million kids miss school days on account of lice. The National Pediculosis Association (NPA), an advocacy group in Newton, Massachusetts recommends the school to send parents a letter like below if any of the kid suffers or shows sign of lice infestation:

"A case of head lice has been reported in your child’s group. Head lice continue to be one of the most prevalent communicable childhood diseases among children, and outbreaks are possible whenever and wherever children gather. Screen your child regularly and notify us immediately if head lice or their nits are detected. Working together helps protect all of the children, including your own. Thank you for your cooperation."

But just by staying at home won't get rid of the lice and on top of that the kid is missing his/her school days. Missing school can have a snowball effect. It sets kids up to fall behind in the fundamental studies they need in order to move on to more complicated work.

- Tickling sensation of something is moving on the head or body.
- Sores that develop from scratching itches.
- Constant irritation.
- Difficulty in sleeping.
- Read bumps on head, shoulders, neck, or pubic hairs.
- The appearance of lice eggs, or small white objects in hair.

So you found out about a lice infestation in your kid’s head. What will you do? Use the common chemical infused treatments or will you bend towards a natural and effective treatment? Worry not because we bring you an all-natural lice removal oil, LICENIL. Head lice are a great nuisance in every U.S. city, and the problem only seems to be getting worse. Over the years, lice have developed resistance to toxic pediculicides, which are the main ingredients in common OTC lice remedies. LiceNil is imbued with powerful ingredients of Neem, Coconut, and Tea-tree oils which are very effective against lice and nits. Because it works differently than chemical lice products, Lice-Nil is able to kill any type of lice, regardless of their resistances. From common lice to super lice, Lice-Nil effectively eliminates both louse and nit, in just one treatment.

So you have a wonderful option and kind of a prevention for head lice. Use LiceNil and say no to those frequent holidays which were to be taken due to head lice.
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Who gets lice and how?

Your child getting head lice or hearing one of your child’s classmates did isn’t pleasant. There are numerous worried parents from numerous countries trying to decipher:
- The occurrence of head lice
- It’s treatment and how to avoid it.
We have tried to provide answers to some of the above questions.

Who gets head lice?
First thing you need to know about lice is they exist in every country, in all age groups and every strata of the society. There is this gross misconception of deeming a person to not being hygienic if he has head lice. We are gravely mistaken here. Anyone can get lice no matter how sparkling clean or dirty they are. Lice do not feed on dirt, they feed on blood and live close to the human scalp.

Girls or women are regarded particularly infestation-prone due to hair length. However, some studies show that hair length has less impact on whether people have lice or not.
In western countries, there is an increase in number of head lice cases among children after the holiday period, probably because of close contact with children outside of the usual circle.

How does one get lice?
The most common mode of transfer is head to head contact with an already infected person. Going by this, kids are more prone to getting head lice because head-to-head contact is common during play at school, at home or elsewhere.

Although uncommon, head lice can also spread through shared clothes or belongings. This happens when lice travel, or nits attached shed hair hatch, and get on shared stuff.
Dogs, cats or other pets play no role in spreading of head lice.

There is no hard and fast rule as to who gets head lice and how, anybody can get it without a clue of how did it start in the first place. For those who have become a victim of head lice, here’s a little something for you.

The best head lice removal treatment.
Humans have a tendency to turn to chemical products in haste, believing it would work for them. We would strongly recommend against it because instead of treating your infection they would further ruin your health triggering ample side-effects. As an alternative, we suggest a completely natural product to tackle head lice.

Enter Lice-Nil, an effortless, fast, lasting and all-natural way to get rid of those pestering little creatures. Apply Lice-Nil in your hair, let it settle for 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water.
There you go, end of your and lice’s aggravating relationship!

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Stop spending $200 and paying several visits to the doctor for lice removal!

Head lice are a giant nuisance in the U.S
It is a problem that seems far from getting over. In fact, they are now becoming harder to get rid of. In United States head lice infestation are most common among children, the reason of transmission being head to head contact and sharing of personal belongings. For decades people have used special over-the-counter(OTC) products containing plant derived insecticides known as pyrethroids to treat head lice. However, sustained use of these chemicals over the years has made the lice to evolve widespread resistance to them. They have become ‘super lice’. Furthermore, people have had complaints about the side effects of such chemicals in many of the conventionally used products.

The Several Doctor Visits
With traditional products not being effective anymore, most of us would prefer visiting a physician or doctor regarding the head lice problem. Depending on the severity or intensity of the problem your doctor will either use the OTC topical medication or if that doesn’t work a second treatment, preferably 9 days later, is needed. After this your doctor may recommend a stronger prescription.
In a nutshell, all of the above procedures come with:
- A serious list of side effects.
- Expensive procedures.
- Time consuming treatments.
- No surety of success of the treatment.

Introducing: A Natural, Inexpensive, Easy & Guaranteed Treatment, with no effects!
How about you just relax on your couch, apply oil in your hair and take a nice long shower after 20 minutes and the lice are gone!

Why are we saying this? Because that’s a proven treatment for lice! Yes you heard it right!
Lice-Nil is a natural lice removal treatment that shows faster and lasting results only in 20 minutes. It is made of 3 chemical-free ingredients neem oil, coconut oil and tea-tree oils which do not have any side effects and are best suited for removal of lice. Lice-Nil works differently unlike the traditional chemical products. It directly captures and suffocates the lice, sometimes even penetrating the lice eggs, hence preventing them from re-growing. It can kill any type of lice, in 3 steps (viz Apply, Wait, Wash; find detail instructions at, irrespective of its resistance.

So, get rid of those itchy and unwanted head lice using Lice-Nil and save yourself the numerous visits to a doctor.

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Lice Doctors to Schools: Stop recommending chemical to get rid of head lice.

We find many “dangerous” chemicals in cosmetic care products described in various articles on the internet, in media reports and from purveyors; but are considered safe by the authorities that regulate such things. A recent survey found that the ingredients found in personal care products aren't so pretty. The survey says - one in eight of 80,000 ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products are hazardous industrial chemicals.

While most of the lice remedies do not contain lindane, many do contain other types of pesticides that could have negative effects on certain people. According to the National Pediculosis Association registry, children who have been exposed to or treated repeatedly for the head lice could be at higher risk for health problem if exposed to additional chemical lice treatment.

“If you have or your children are infested with head lice, there is a high chance that those lice are over-the-counter product resistant”
"The problem is, if you overuse a single product over time, you're kind of setting up the situation for the resistance development" said Yoon. -Source Time Health

The resistant mutation of lice started to come up during the 2000s and have spread as people have overwhelmingly chosen treatments like pyrethroids, which doctors have tried and suggested not to use any chemical product and have asked to switch to Natural and Harmless head lice removal solution.

A lot of case studies had been undertaken by various private and government sectors to get the people educated on what and how lice infestation can be stopped. They have briefly discussed the topics of adulteration, usage of chemical products and inorganic products which are available in the market. They too have recommended to not use chemical products as such it harms the children who are the most prone subject of infestation.

Here is a list of few case studies for you to look up.
Integrated Pharmacy Case Studies
Centre for Disease Control and Prevention Case Study
FireSide Pharmacy Case Study
US National Library of Medicine & National Institutes of Health

So what’s a safer alternative?
So chemical products and treatments are ineffective and risky, are there any safer, natural and effective alternatives? Yes, LiceNil is the answer. An ISO 9001 certified and recommended by doctors across the States, Lice-Nil is a product of Sujanil, developed in India and made its way to the States. Using a chemi cal-free formula, and using ingredients like neem oil, coconut oil and tea-tree oil, LiceNil is a product that attacks lice naturally to destroy the problem completely. Unlike common chemical lice remedies, Lice-Nil relies on powerful natural ingredients to take care of lice. Effective against even the most resistant strains of super lice, our patented formula kills lice and eggs in one treatment, without toxic build-up from repeat exposures or potentially harmful chemicals. You can also compare LiceNil with other products and see how much effective it is. Click here to compare.

If you have any queries related to the topic feel free to comment and contact us. Being informed will simply allow you to make more intelligent and conscious choices for yourself, your family, and the planet as a whole.

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