What the all-round survey of Lice Outbreak says about U.S.A.

January 24, 2018 Unknown 0 Comments

A new study suggests that lice are becoming resistant to over-the-counter medication available in the US. To make matters worse, there are hints we could be losing some of our easiest and cheapest defenses against these insect interlopers.

“Super Lice” are the same harmless but irksome bugs that have plagued human scalps in these recent years. The term “SUPER” is called so due to their resistance against pyrethroids — the insecticide used in common treatment sold at local drug stores. Witnessing this growing threat to the human scalp, officials from the U.S. started surveying about lice outbreak in order to contain its spread. And what they found was that it had already established its roots in every state.

The research published in Journal of Medical Entomology found that lice resistant to common treatment containing pyrethroids have reached 48 states, up from the estimated 25 states which were recorded a year back. Biologist Kyong Yoon from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, and his team found that the lice had a gene that protects them against lice treatment called permethrin.

The states colored in pink show resistance of lice against pyrethroids. The green colored states show resistance to most common treatments. It was found that the Super Lice infestation was not limited to the East coast. It has been spread all the way to West coast, covering the Central part.

An in-depth view of lice outbreak through Lice Tracker shows how lice has completely ingrained in the States.

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