Getting rid of lice? You need the Neem treatment!

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Getting rid of lice?
You need the Neem treatment!

If you are a rational person, then you might already know that natural remedies are always better and preferable over chemical remedies. Same is the case with fighting lice. Natural treatments work way better and are sure to triumph over traditional chemical ones.

Typical chemical treatments work by directing efforts to the louse's nervous system, but this doesn't have an effect on eggs because they haven't developed nervous systems yet. This then leads to a stressful combing process of removing the nits from hair. And chemical treatments have almost no effect on Super lice, which are the lice that have developed resistance to even the harshest of chemical treatments. This is why Lice-Nil is all for naturally eliminating lice.

The Power of Neem Extract
The primary ingredient in Lice-Nil: neem extract, is a vegetable oil pressed from the seeds and fruits of the Azadirachta indica tree. This powerful lice remedy is safe and all-natural. It works by encapsulating and suffocating the lice and even penetrates the aeropyles (tiny openings) at the top of lice eggs. This blocks the oxygen flow to create carbon dioxide build-up and thwarts the growth of the nits. This results in a complete lice solution that is sure to get rid of every louse and nit. The benefits of Neem in eliminating lice can be summed up as follows.

  • Neem or neem oil contains insecticidal ingredients which help cease the reproduction as well as the growth of head lice
  • Neem oil also works wonders in restricting the swallowing systems of lice
  • Neem oil is not harsh on the skin and causes less irritation and itching
  • Alongwith dealing with head lice, it helps to add shine to your hair and moisturizes your scalp
Like we aforementioned, Lice-Nil consists of Neem Extract and is an oil based treatment. Lice-Nil when applied to the lice-infested hair, will encapsulate and suffocate both lice and eggs.To conclude, we’d like to say that Neem extract in Lice-Nil works effectively and naturally and unlike common chemical lice remedies, Lice-Nil targets both the lice and their eggs to eliminate them and prevent recurrences.

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