Stop spending $200 and paying several visits to the doctor for lice removal!

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Head lice are a giant nuisance in the U.S
It is a problem that seems far from getting over. In fact, they are now becoming harder to get rid of. In United States head lice infestation are most common among children, the reason of transmission being head to head contact and sharing of personal belongings. For decades people have used special over-the-counter(OTC) products containing plant derived insecticides known as pyrethroids to treat head lice. However, sustained use of these chemicals over the years has made the lice to evolve widespread resistance to them. They have become ‘super lice’. Furthermore, people have had complaints about the side effects of such chemicals in many of the conventionally used products.

The Several Doctor Visits
With traditional products not being effective anymore, most of us would prefer visiting a physician or doctor regarding the head lice problem. Depending on the severity or intensity of the problem your doctor will either use the OTC topical medication or if that doesn’t work a second treatment, preferably 9 days later, is needed. After this your doctor may recommend a stronger prescription.
In a nutshell, all of the above procedures come with:
- A serious list of side effects.
- Expensive procedures.
- Time consuming treatments.
- No surety of success of the treatment.

Introducing: A Natural, Inexpensive, Easy & Guaranteed Treatment, with no effects!
How about you just relax on your couch, apply oil in your hair and take a nice long shower after 20 minutes and the lice are gone!

Why are we saying this? Because that’s a proven treatment for lice! Yes you heard it right!
Lice-Nil is a natural lice removal treatment that shows faster and lasting results only in 20 minutes. It is made of 3 chemical-free ingredients neem oil, coconut oil and tea-tree oils which do not have any side effects and are best suited for removal of lice. Lice-Nil works differently unlike the traditional chemical products. It directly captures and suffocates the lice, sometimes even penetrating the lice eggs, hence preventing them from re-growing. It can kill any type of lice, in 3 steps (viz Apply, Wait, Wash; find detail instructions at, irrespective of its resistance.

So, get rid of those itchy and unwanted head lice using Lice-Nil and save yourself the numerous visits to a doctor.

Lice-Nil is available in local stores across USA as well as in
We are also online at Amazon.

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