Waiting to get rid of lice? You need the “Neem Treatment” PART II

October 25, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

We started talking about the benefits of Neem in getting rid of lice in our older blog. Let’s reconvene that topic.
We have already established that naturally killing off lice and nits is more beneficial (and obviously, preferable) than doing it chemically. If you were to read traditional remedies for lice, you’d see a lot of them recommending neem or coconut oil or tea tree oil. This is where Lice-Nil comes into the frame. Lice-Nil consists of three powerful natural ingredients: Neem, Coconut and Tea-Tree Oils - all together! Now let’s move on to know how to treat head lice with Lice-Nil.

Treating Head-lice with Neem, Coconut and Tea-Tree Oils:
- Since Lice-Nil already consists of these ingredients and is oil-based, it makes your job of treating lice way more easier. All you have to do is:
- Let it spread evenly through your dry hair
- Wait for 20 minutes as the Neem, Coconut and Tea-Tree Oils work their magic killing all those lice and nits
- Wash hair thoroughly.

Voila! You are done. It’s that easy! Because it works differently than chemical lice products, Lice-Nil is able to kill any type of lice, regardless of their resistances. From common lice to super lice, Lice-Nil effectively eliminates both louse and nit, in just one treatment. The Neem extract in Lice-Nil also helps with scalp irritation caused by constant scratching. And because Neem and its products are a part of ayurvedic medicine for more than two million years, there is no way you can go wrong with using it for getting rid of the nasty lice.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Lice-Nil today to stay chemical-free and lice-free! Visit our website to know more: http://www.licenil.com/

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