Lice Doctors to Schools: Stop recommending chemical to get rid of head lice.

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We find many “dangerous” chemicals in cosmetic care products described in various articles on the internet, in media reports and from purveyors; but are considered safe by the authorities that regulate such things. A recent survey found that the ingredients found in personal care products aren't so pretty. The survey says - one in eight of 80,000 ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products are hazardous industrial chemicals.

While most of the lice remedies do not contain lindane, many do contain other types of pesticides that could have negative effects on certain people. According to the National Pediculosis Association registry, children who have been exposed to or treated repeatedly for the head lice could be at higher risk for health problem if exposed to additional chemical lice treatment.

“If you have or your children are infested with head lice, there is a high chance that those lice are over-the-counter product resistant”
"The problem is, if you overuse a single product over time, you're kind of setting up the situation for the resistance development" said Yoon. -Source Time Health

The resistant mutation of lice started to come up during the 2000s and have spread as people have overwhelmingly chosen treatments like pyrethroids, which doctors have tried and suggested not to use any chemical product and have asked to switch to Natural and Harmless head lice removal solution.

A lot of case studies had been undertaken by various private and government sectors to get the people educated on what and how lice infestation can be stopped. They have briefly discussed the topics of adulteration, usage of chemical products and inorganic products which are available in the market. They too have recommended to not use chemical products as such it harms the children who are the most prone subject of infestation.

Here is a list of few case studies for you to look up.
Integrated Pharmacy Case Studies
Centre for Disease Control and Prevention Case Study
FireSide Pharmacy Case Study
US National Library of Medicine & National Institutes of Health

So what’s a safer alternative?
So chemical products and treatments are ineffective and risky, are there any safer, natural and effective alternatives? Yes, LiceNil is the answer. An ISO 9001 certified and recommended by doctors across the States, Lice-Nil is a product of Sujanil, developed in India and made its way to the States. Using a chemi cal-free formula, and using ingredients like neem oil, coconut oil and tea-tree oil, LiceNil is a product that attacks lice naturally to destroy the problem completely. Unlike common chemical lice remedies, Lice-Nil relies on powerful natural ingredients to take care of lice. Effective against even the most resistant strains of super lice, our patented formula kills lice and eggs in one treatment, without toxic build-up from repeat exposures or potentially harmful chemicals. You can also compare LiceNil with other products and see how much effective it is. Click here to compare.

If you have any queries related to the topic feel free to comment and contact us. Being informed will simply allow you to make more intelligent and conscious choices for yourself, your family, and the planet as a whole.

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