Just when you thought they were gone, they made a comeback

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So you combed out the nits from the head, applied various type of lice treatments, and washed all your sheets and clothes and then you thought that your home and your head, was lice-free. And the very next day you find these pesky lice, crawling their way back.

Even the most prudent act of prevention may still not prevent a recurrence of lice.

Lice recurrence is a significant problem that causes parents, caregivers, and children great stress and frustration. The primary reason why a recurrence of lice can happen to someone who has already been treated is the incomplete removal of the nit.

You got a treatment for lice and got rid of them, but what remained back inside the pores of your head was nits.

Lice re-occur most often because today’s treatments are not effective to completely remove nits from the hair. It's not a faux that products in the market require a second round of treatment in seven to ten days. While the first round of treatment might have gotten rid of lice but the treatment failed to remove the nits, and nits require a week to hatch and outgrow once again.

Biological studies state that lice secrete a highly adhesive glue called spumaline that attaches the nits to the hair strands like a clamp.

The spumaline hardens over time and encapsulates the nit almost completely in a hard protein shell. In order to remove nits from the hair, the glue must be dissolved. None of the market-leading anti-lice treatment tend to dissolve the spumaline glue and remove nits effectively.

Lice-Nil outperforms traditional chemical lice treatments because it works in an entirely different way. 

It breaks down the shell completely, destroying the existence of nits from the very first use. Chemical treatments have almost no effect on super lice, which have developed resistance to even the harshest chemical treatments. Because it works differently than chemical lice products, Lice-Nil is able to kill any type of lice, regardless of their resistances. From common lice to super lice, Lice-Nil effectively eliminates both louse and nit, in just one treatment.

Due to raw products which are found in Licenil (i.e tea tree leaves, coconut, and neem), it has been proved effective and has many positive aspects if compared to its contenders. Check for yourself, click the link

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